MSW to Liquid Fuels
Our plasma arc processing systems can produce transportation fuels from regular municipal solid waste.
Coal to Liquid Fuels
Plasmafication™ can produce a wide range of liquid fuels by converting various coal grades into desired kerosene distillates.
Electronic Waste Processing
Our metal processing systems can recover precious metals from used wires, circuits, batteries, and computers. Plasmafication™ is a perfect technology for recovering the precious metals contained in hard drives while completely eliminating any sensitive saved data.
Waste to Electricity
Our processing systems can generate electricity from waste destruction via synthesis gas turbines and generators. We can also use the exothermal energy from the Plasmafication™ process to power steam turbines so even intrinsic heat from the system is not wasted and electricity output is maximized.
Metals Recovery
Plasmafication™ allows for the recovery of precious and other valuable metals from ultra fine particulate ores that other processes leave behind. Our unique thermal hearth is designed to quickly and efficiently recover nano-particles of metals with minimal overhead and a small footprint.
Hazardous Waste Destruction
Plasma arc processing systems can safely destroy biological and chemical toxins commonly associated with infectious substances, hazardous materials and medical waste, converting the toxic materials into a safe, non-leachable vitrified aggregate while recovering any metals contained in the waste stream.