Coal to Liquid Fuels
Coal to Liquid fuels plants have been producing gasoline and diesel in South Africa since 1955. Today, 30% of the country's fuel needs are produced from indigenous coal and its products are currently sold in over 90 countries. Producing this fuel domestically saves the South African economy approximately $4 billion per year in foreign exchange while generating more than $1 billion to the government in taxes and levies.
Liquid fuels from coal provide a viable alternative to conventional oil products.
Liquid fuels derived from coal can provide a cleaner means of production for transportation fuels than conventional oil refining. The fuels can be used in existing vehicle fleets and delivered through existing pipelines.

The use of coal in the fuel production industry can serve to hedge against oil-related energy security risks. The vast coal deposits in North America as well as the relatively stable international markets allow countries to minimize their risk of oil price volatility while providing cleaner fuels which are necessary for economic growth. The Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuels produced by the Plasmafication™ process decrease harmful emissions and will not increase the demand on land resources or cause competition with food production.