About Plasma Arc Technologies
Plasma Arc Technologies, Inc. is company dedicated and focused on designing and supplying its customers with the most technologically advanced and highest quality thermal processing systems and equipments in the marketplace. Our highly qualified scientific and engineering team has developed thermal processing and element recovery systems that are strong and viable technologies for various commercial markets. Our technologies fill the demand for environmental solutions to biological and chemical wastes, elemental recycling alternatives for nano-particulate recovery, and plasma-based gasification solutions focused on sustainable and transformable resources.
Specialized Thermal Processing Systems
Our company can design, build, train, and service scaleable plasma arc processing systems for a variety of commercial applications. Our fabrication facility occupies 25,000 square feet and its manufacturing capacity can be expanded through our strategic partners if project timelines require.

Plasma Arc Technologies offers a dedicated and experienced team committed to engineering and manufacturing the highest quality advanced thermal processing systems and specialized plasma equipment. Our company embodies the basic tenets that our reputation is paramount, we will not sacrifice quality for profit, and successful implementation is our passion. We believe that each client represents a valued and long-term relationship to the company. Plasma Arc Technologies seeks to ensure the continued success and future prosperity of our company and the companies that do business with us through the delivery of high quality products, coupled with exceptional customer service and a fair market priceā€¦to this we stand committed.
Our engineers are dedicated and passionate about designing and fabricating the most advanced thermal processing equipment available on the market. We are committed to bringing that passion to every project we undertake.
We fully stand behind everything that we build. We provide manufacturing and performance guarantees that our products will function according to their specifications and our projects will be delivered on time and on budget.