Research & Development
The engineers at Plasma Arc Technologies are among the foremost experts in the field of plasma and are continually researching and developing cutting-edge thermal systems. We're known for our in-depth knowledge as well as our company's culture of creativity. Our objective is to research solve some of the world's biggest problems, and we must research all we know that plasma technology and elemental recycling is the key to
Creativity breeds innovation.
We're developing new technologies to fundamentally change how the world deals with its waste. Throughout most of human history we burned our waste, which we discovered was releasing toxins into our air and contaminating our environment. In the 20th century we began burying waste in landfills, which we recently found out releases methane gases into the atmosphere and contaminates groundwater sources. The 21st century requires a modern solution for the waste problem that will exist as long as humans inhabit the planet. Plasmafication™ is that solution.

We are adamant about developing only the most advanced thermal systems and equipment for the renewable energy industry. Our research and physics-first continual education programs keep us