Thermal Processing Systems
Plasma gasification of carbonaceous materials has been widely used in commercial applications for many years in the production of fuels and chemicals. Our proprietary process to depolymerise carbon containing materials through the use of plasma to generate renewable by-products in the form of by-products such as liquid fuels, precious and nonprecious metals, high quality carbon black, and vitrified glass is known as Plasmafication™.

This conversion process refers particularly to waste materials such as MSW, sewer slurry, high valued hydrocarbons (tires, rubber, polystyrenes, polyethylenes, etc.), electronic waste and automotive shredder residue (ASR) among others. The process can accommodate a wide variety of gaseous, liquid and solid waste streams and has the ability to produce a consistent, high quality syngas product that can be used for energy production.

Our thermal processing systems are designed in a modular layout and intended to be scaleable in capacity. The cohort design allows for units to be rotated in and out of scheduled maintenance cycles so the plant’s processing capacity never decreases. Also, the use of multiple units allows for greater system stability than developing a single large unit.

Plasma Arc Technologies, Inc. manufactures complete thermal processing systems as well as component systems including:
  • Waste to Energy Processing Systems
  • Coal to Energy Processing Systems
  • Precious/Nonprecious Metal Recovery Systems
  • Hazardous Waste Processing Systems
  • Transfer/Non-Transfer Plasma Torches
  • Thermal Residence Chambers
  • Off-Gas Systems
  • Heat Recovery Cogeneration Systems